Stargardt’s Groups and Pages on Facebook

15 Nov

Facebook serves a great way to stay in touch with friends and share your photo’s with them, however it is also much more than that.  Recently i have found several Groups and Pages on Facebook dedicated to spreading the awareness and how best to support Stargardt’s.

I want to share them with you – you can access them by clicking on any of the below:

Facebook Groups

  1. Stargardt’s Awareness Group
  2. Stargardt’s Eye Disorder Support Group
  3. Stargardt Disease – Macular Degeneration Support Group
  4. The Art of Going Blind With Stargardt’s – Support Group

Facebook Pages

  1. Alyson Mitts ~ Stargardt’s Disease Support Group
  2. Stargardt’s Research Group
  3. Stargardt’s Disease Information
  4. Foundation Fighting Blindness

I hope these are of help, I will try to continue to add more that i find, and if you know of any others, please do leave a comment and let me know and we will update the list.

I will also do a blog about Twitter and YouTube too.

Many thanks


2 Responses to “Stargardt’s Groups and Pages on Facebook”


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