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Top gig!

28 Jul

I’d love to do a charity gig with my band groove hustlers to raise money for a charity supporting people with blindness.
I am going to have a think..
Today we played at a lovely venue.. Ingle wood manor.. It was Sophie and Craig’s wedding do we got the partway started haha!
I’ll add some videos ASAP!
Just mad a great cup of har ahh!:)








Oh my goshhhh!

23 Jul

When I first went to our local WAM group (macular disease society) group. we introduced ourselves and I mentioned I liked painting etc. Michelle, a lady there said “oooh you should enter the art competition!”

Anyway I did months ago and I never heard back…

But today… One of my paintings is set to go into the Menier gallery in LONDON!!!!  The exhibition is the 4th – 8th September 2012.

Actual natural high!! I can’t believe it.

Excited times a million!:D



22 Jul


We had a family BBQ today! Was nice! My little cousin Lauren, (10) full of life and quite crazy wanted to play hide and seek and some ball games… It was loads of fun ha , especially when I was “hiding”haha

Years ago Marks and Spencers sold this huge badminton on set! The “cocks” are knackered now though ha can’t have a proper game but it’s so big I could see it when I got into my peripheral vision! Wooop had a ball excuse the semi pun!!
Happy Saturday,

Kayley rose face.






Haha Lauren doing grandads hair haha!!


I can’t believe it!

20 Jul

I’m kinda surprised at my real life drawings…

… I know I went to college, studied and got distinctions etc.. but I have never painted in such detail because I could never see it…

Lately I have used my iPad for zoom, and do bits at a time, and I’ve surprised myself and thoroughly enjoyed doing it!!!

I’ve also got a couple of orders from my Facebook page to paint friends pets too!! 😀

I’m kinda shocked/happy/surprised and really pleased!!! As I take photos of what I have done, I can’t quite believe I’ve done it!!!! When I look a photos, everything is so much sharper and has more detail on it instead of than just looking at it with my own eyes if that makes sense!!!!

Hope everyone’s had a good week! And if anybody has a suggestion or would like me to paint something I’d love to hear from you ( I thought to myself yesterday when writing this blog ha I sound like Mrs. Doubtfire on her tv show !!!)

Have a great weekend all xx





Happy girl

19 Jul

Just feel rather happy!

Came home from getting yokos food and some lettuce leaves with my friend today and Gaz had made a well nice sausage casserole thing!! I could smell it from the front door haha was lovely!!!
Just finishing off some paintings and now bed time!!Xx





Making the most of our vision and enjoy what we have today!

19 Jul

My last check up at the hospital, the Doctor said “to eat loads of green veg and avoid Vitamin A”

They recommended eating as many greens as possible. Loads of fish and veg, and drink loads of water.

Vitamin A is in dairy stuff.  I used to eat cheese most days, but now I have tuna salad most days and the occasional boiled egg with Philadelphia cheese as a treat 🙂  It’s well tasty though a tuna salad with a bit of salad cream salt and pepper. Try it !

Help those peepers guys haha .. Here’s some of my dinners from the last few days,….. Think Green 🙂

Be sure to pick up Lettuce and not Cabbage!!! Haha I did this a few weeks ago, and thought “Ooooh, it’s a bit tough this lettuce”.  Ha, I didn’t realize I’d picked cabbage.. (all looks the same now doesn’t it Loli!)







Cooking grandads birthday tea later!

18 Jul

I love a Challenge. It’s going to be either lamb chops or roast chicken “00000hh”

I’ll upload pics of how I get on later… Ha last time I tried to cook a roast dinner for Gaz, I had the oven set on just the grill and not oven for like an hour, haha oooops….!:)

.. Last night was great! I prepared all the veg etc and set the table and then Gaz took over when he got in from work (I watched kind of, and was his assistant really).

Gaz is a brill chef and can make anything!!! I’m well cautious with cooking as I don’t want anything to go wrong/kill someone with food poisoning haha









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