Doctors didn’t believe me.. Tests were repeated.. I was told i was going blind.

9 Jul

A letter had come through from the opticians as I hadn’t been for a check up in a while..  I went and came back with a referral to the hospital as they weren’t sure what was wrong but the optician wrote he thought I had a foreign body in my eye!

I went to my grandmas for tea and remember saying “told you so!!”.  I was almost excited that I may have this foreign body in my eye for some reason as the optician said it could be as simple as a piece of sand off a lorry I was thinking wow how did it get in and I didn’t even feel it!!

I was working part-time at Marks and Spencer, at this time as a sales assistant as I went to college. I loved attending work, meeting new people and feeling independent using the till etc .. I’d always say I’m only fifteen you know! 🙂

This changed.  I started feeling extremely tired all of the time, my grandad would drop me off at work so I’d go there for tea after college now 16 and all I’d want to do is sleep! My grandma would say “this isn’t right for a young girl to be so tired..”

More Doctors, and more of their Iggnorance.

I’d been for numerous hospital appointments, tests, seen neurologists, had brain scans , had a lumber puncture, electro diagnostic tests .. Although strangely there were no signs of any problems! Despite me telling them!  One so called ‘Doctor’ even said I was making my problem up!.. At this time I could describe my problem was that there was a pin prick shape in my vision right in the middle of my right eye and if I looked at things they would dissapear (when texting I could never find the flashing curser – I used this as an example ) .. The doctor asked me have I any problems at college I said well , I’m going to be changing college as I want to study Art and Design at a proper college rather than sixth form and specialise in fine art and textiles… Instead of focusin on my eyes, instead, he said “well you’re clearly not happy in the college your in at the minute, so your being bullied out of the college and making this problem up for attention!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, a medically trained professional ignored their field of expertise and instead accused me of making the whole thing up! just for attention!

Family support and belief!
My my and her sister (my auntie) I wasn’t making it up and she believed me , I wasn’t the type , I wouldn’t and couldn’t even be bothered to think up a problem.. I just enjoyed life and my dad had taught me to drive.. We went every Sunday morning on some private land.  I was always good at things you could get stuck into when using your hands, I was so excited and divised a plan to save up money for the insurance and how I was going to work full time at M&S over the summer hols to then turn 17 at the end of the holidays and to drive shortly after starting the new college I been accepted at. (the complete opposite of someone looking for apprarent attention through claiming to be going blind!)

My mum demanded all the tests to be repeated and my consultant was with my mum as she said my field vision tests were far too consistent for me to be making it up.  The tests were now proving that I did have a real problem.  Tests they should have looked at before calling me a liar for making it up!

My consultant said to me stop driving. They said do not get into the car because you’re never going to be able to drive … I was thinking I will!!

My next hospital appointmend came. I sometimes felt like I was being dragged along as though I was thinking is this a joke! They can’t find anything wrong may be it’s just the way I am. (as if the doctors were wasting my time I had it in my bain!!!) (a combination probably of being young, nieve, in-denile, oblivious and wrapped up in my teenage world!)

The results are in!
I was asked to leave the room whilst the consultant spoke to my mum and dad I was literally thinking what on earth are they talking about and why did I have to leave the room?!..

I was confused but as always I just cast it aside..

After a good while of sitting in the waiting room i sat trying to text some of my friends, i was taken into a room and was told they had something to tell me.  I was told that I was going to go blind.

I was simply handed a bunch of leaflets on guide dogs and how to register yourself blind. I actually was very blasay about the whole thing in-fact as I was in-denile.

I was literally thinking what are they on about? Surely they’ve got it wrong?! I seriously didn’t believe them and was thinking Nah it’s not me..

I was taken into hospital and put on a drip of steriods for a week to try and bring back my eyesight.

In just one week my left eye was now effected.

I was fine in the hospital my friends had sent me cards and stuff to do.  Some friends had asked to come and see me.. I said to my mum there’s no point because there’s nothing wrong.

The blind spots in my eyes were growing. (slowly).  Friends rang me and asked Kay,is it true your going blind?!” and in-denial I would answer “no why re you asking me that??”

I clearly wasn’t listening to anything Anybody told me and just kept telling myself you’ll be ok.

I came out of hospital and continued my life…..


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