Setting the scene – the Early Years

9 Jul

On the 22.08.88, I was born..  Kayley Louise Johnson they named me !
My dad described me as a gorilla with big hands and my mum said I looked like a little rosebud!  From then on I answered to the name Kayley Rose!

I had a fantastic childhood, we lived in a village called burtonwood, warrington, cheshire and have the best memories. I have a brother Ross who is two years younger than me (he has fine eyesight- thankgod – lol and has turned out into a fine, halairious,loving,alcoholic university, josie loving specimen!)

We got up to lots of fun as kids.. We loved the outdoors and had a caravan in the Lakes we went to every weekend, had a curry on a Friday whislt my dad went for a swift half in the pub my mum would put the curry in the oven and me and ross would put southpark on tv and wait to hear “you killed kenny you *******” if we were lucky!! Haha

We went on many holidays, I ski’d from the age I was 8 and love general outdoorsy creative stuff.

I was in the school band and played the horn from age ten and played upto grade six, performed a the royal festival hall and toured around Spain ettttc.

I loved painting, dancing singing just general wannabe spice girl , slightly crazy but a hard worker.. Not the brainiest but loving and always a giver !

Anyway just setting the scene!


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