Starting to find difficulty and vision loss in the early years

9 Jul

Around the age of eight I discovered problems with my eyes but instead of blindness I had the opposite problem. I could see double.. I had corrective surgery..
After two operations this problem was sorted… I wore glasses with a prism and after a couple of years this problem was sorted.  I vividly remember my consultant saying when I was older I’d have big problems with my eyes, but at the time I literally cast it aside..

I went through high school and gave up wearing glasses as I thought it “wasn’t cool” if only geek-sheek was around in the “noughties” ha!!!  I began really struggling reading the white/chalk board aged 13/14.  I didn’t see it as a problem, but realised my work was slacking and at parents evening I told all my teachers I would move to the front of the class as I felt I wasn’t paying enough attention etc..
Having to change my learning styles:
I ended up walking right to the front of the class all the time and stood scribbling away at my books copying from the board… (thinking back now everything clicks into place)… It ended up my class mates would either read out from the board or I would try my best to copy….

My french teacher cast me off as a “complete failure”..  I had told my mum I couldn’t see the board – never mind try and read what was written in a different language!!

I was fifteen now and was really finding who I was, just a smiley, hair straightening (at the time) fun-loving girl, happy-go-lucky, hard working girl,who loved sports, netball, skiing , bike riding, badminton, music etc and would get nine out of fifty on a history test ha!  Not the brightest academic, but showed a flare in all creative and sports subjects !!

I would literally talk to anybody and say hello to anybody intact I’d always smile at everyone who walked past and lift my shoulders up for some reason!i thought to myself if they didn’t smile back at me o well! Smile at the next person!

I’d worked hard for my GCSEs and just passed them all.. I was not academic but always tried my best.. I’d spend hours colouring over my work to make it look pretty – just a shame about the content haha!!! My mum said all she could hear “was our Kay up stairs banging on the floor with that bloody blush art”

First steps into higher/further education.
I started college September 2004 …  My first recollection of something being wrong was my friends would shout me in the corridor and i had no idea who said it, I would often have to ask “who is it”.  I could hear them and make out there was someone there, but I couldn’t make out who it was..they’d just laugh thinking I was joking .. Inside I’d be thinking I really can’t see you!!

I went to the library and a friend shouted me I asked “who’s that” and my friend said “what do you mean ‘who’s that?!'”, then we just carried on our day as usual and just forgot about these things.  Later that day I nipped to the staff room to speak to my form tutor quickly and as she opened the door I remember being so shocked as it was as though her face disappeared In front of my eyes .I could see her arms and above her but her nose and eyes just went missing … I think she thought I had seen a ghost .lol

I went home and told my mum but (wrongly) we just cast it aside and continued our busy lives….

To be continued.


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