Age 18plus..what I’ve been doing – Not Letting Stargardts Stop Me!

10 Jul

I have not let Stargardts stop me.  I have lost my central vision after having Stargardts for years, but I am also a professional singer, did X-factor, have a band, sing at weddings, am an artist, and teach young children to sing!

For my 18th birthday friends knew I loved singing and so they bought me time at the recording studio.. I recorded a couple of songs and ended up selling the cd for st Paul’s eye unit Liverpool where I go for check ups.. You can read more about that here and also here too

I raised £1,500, I’d just turned 19 and got my first singing gig in the local pub.. And never looked back.

I had singing lesson twice a week for a number of years, I was in a duet and played small gigs for a few years and gained lots of experience.

I the did X-Factor in 2009 and reached the last twelve girls, below are a few pictures of me singing for the Judges 🙂

Today I have had two residencies in local lovely wine bars and am now in a band called “The Groove Hustlers”, below are our websites:

Official Groove Hustlers Website –
Groove Hustlers Facebook Page –
And  is my singing page..

I now gig with band, and I also teach primary school kids singing “glee club” sing at weddings, parties, corporate events.

I paint most days.. I always said where I paint I forget about everything .. I do. Love it and I didn’t know that there is a therapy “art therapy” so it’s true it helps,m honestly give it a go. I paint with my hands and make a right mess, it’s something to focus on have fun with, create something , enjoy and have fun with it!!!

Here is a Picture of me singing in with the Groove Hustlers 🙂

Me, Singing in my band

Me, Singing in my band ‘The Groove Hustlers’


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