Painting, What Do You Think?!

10 Jul


When I paint I feel I get emerged into it, almost as if everything else switches off, and I am literally just thinking of colour, textures, balancing brights and dulls etc xxxxx…

I always think though as I am registered blind sometimes I would like a well sighted person to experience what we experience daily, through my paintings. Thats confusion and uncertainty, so I abstract my paintings so much so that sometimes you can’t tell what it is. I have even written hidden words onto the canvas and to see if anybody spots them !!! (how deep) but I love it when people look confused and ask questions as this is what it’s like for us everyday!!!!!

Has anyone heard of art therapy???

I hadn’t but realised how good art was years ago and was telling all of my friends if their boyfriends are bad to them… then just whack out a canvas and throw that paint right on hahah!!

It’s so true on a serious note though! – Grab a paintbrush and some paints and go for it, and let me know how you feel!! Literally get some exciting colors and go for it!

I love making bold colours and objects and think I hope if a blind person walked into the room they’d get that straight away just by how vague it is and probably a normal guy would think what’s that!!!!

My paintings I’m working on at the mo are called vague florals actually! you can see them at

Anyway I’ve written so much I haven’t written this much stuff since college! So night!X”


One Response to “Painting, What Do You Think?!”

  1. iangoldsmith July 11, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    love the colour and contrast. Nice 🙂

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