The big food shop!

10 Jul

I’ve just finished my hour with the kids at “glee” club.. Aw they do make me laugh there so good they’re turning into mini Rose’s with all their dance moves etc!!!

I will one day record them and post on here once had permission from parents.

We’ve got a show tomorrow so let’s hope they perform and do a good job as I know they can… ! They’re only aged 5 to around 9.. But they put their heart and soul into it! Makes me smile..

Anyway just got home and I really needed to nip to Asda price… I was thinking earlier, how everyone does their weekly food shop???

I normally go with my mum or Gaz, but, I thought whilst I have a couple of hours to kill should I get a taxi and make the driver wait for me or what!!! Haha – if so hope I don’t get distracted in the shop… The driver could be waiting a long time…!

What does everyone do..???. I suppose online shopping is probably the best idea when I come to think of it…

I just want to go shopping on my own though ha ! You know what I mean??? Any suggestions?



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