July 2011 Nicola Marie’s fashion show and she choose me to model her dress!!!!!

11 Jul

I just thought I’d share this with you!

One of my close friends, Nicola Marie (Nik), has just been round for a brew and we were talking about my Stargardt’s blog.  We were talking about how even with this disease, it hasn’t really stopped me and how my friends don’t look at me differently.

Nik was in her last year of Costume Design at Huddersfield University.  She made this fantastic dress (by hand) and painted the designs onto the dress.  Nik choose this ginger (me) as her model!!!! She trusted me to showcase her final-year work on a catwalk and photo shoot which will be what her degree grading will be based on!!

I grabbed the opportunity with both hands Lol.  Being really creative myself I loved watching Nik’s work progress from her designs into a dress, and sometimes, Nik would ask my opinion as we studied art together for three years and loved sharing creative ideas together.

I loved being in Nik’s Fashion Show and wearing her sixty metre dress made from fabric and wire (I came home with gypsy dress scars on my waist ha-ha!!!).

We had a couple of rehearsals on the day.  Nobody there knew about my condition. Nik’s tutors emphasised that I needed to act like a diva on the catwalk  (I had no problem with this!!)

Nik’s only worry was that I was gonna go A.O.T and that she’d have to catch me!!!! The heels were monstrous, and the dress was bouncing as I walked!  The music was Barcelona (click to listen on YouTube) by Freddie Mercury/Queen.  I had to create shapes with my arms. The character I was playing was the character Satine out of Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman)

It was so fun and I loved having an alter ego for a couple of mins!!! I felt like a new women!!!

This was twelve months ago now and Nik achieved a 2:1 … How amazing is the dress though???? How talented is my ginger friend seriously!!!!!!!

Long nights working hard Nik paid off XxxxxxxXxxx well doneXxxxx

I felt really good that Nik choose me to showcase her dress as some may doubt my ability but everyone close to me know I can and believe in me.  My other friend Kirst was jel and threatened to chuck me down an escalator on the day 😛 so she could wear the dress ha-ha!!!!

Astalaveeesta Kirst 😛 – Bling Girl One-Nil! Woooop

Click on the pictures below to see the full size version 🙂







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