Thanks Kirst!

11 Jul

My friend Kirsty dropped me off at Glee Club today for the kids I teach to sing to perform…

I thought as we were driving, and as I was sat in the front seat talking to kirst, I thought Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire, this girl has No Nose or Mouth!!

Below is how it should have looked to me while sat next to Kirsty:


This what I actually saw (have edited the photo to delete out my blind spot of what I couldn’t see of Kirsty)

In the photo above I was looking around Kirsty’s bottom of the nose area with my Central Vision, so that the top of my Peripheral Vision may be able to see her eyes.


I also decided to take a picture through the windscreen. Looking into the distance I could see the clouds, as I looked straight ahead the green trees and a blackish shape of movement obviously some crossing the road in the distance.

If I was to look down I could see the yellow number plate with shapes of black but no detail of actual letters or numbers etc…


Over the last few years Kirsty has assisted me through many things which I would like to say Thank You for Kirsty, you have made my life easier! Kirstt always helps me, whether it’s dropping me off at places, doing my hair and make up for work if I’m tired, or for any emergency then Kirsts always there… Thankyou, you are a great friend.

Kirsty also likes to visit the Zoo often. She is nearly 24 yet I’m always dragged along with her…. Haha but whatever floats your boat hunny Xxxxx randdddom.

Below is a photo of Nik (from a previous blog, on the left in the green dress), me in the middle, and Kirst (on the right, drinking the Mohito)


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