Easy when you know how!!! Internet shopping!

12 Jul

I got a little distracted getting out of bed today, I am thoroughly excited about the delivery of a few little things coming tomorrow off ASOS, an online store (clothes, beauty accessories etc)

I would have never dreamed of being able to Internet shop until my friend showed me how to do it about a year ago.  She showed me some good tips on how to navigate the ASOS website! It’s easy when you know how!!!!!

It’s is honestly very basic, it’s just knowing the lay out (I know loads of you prob do this often, but I was defo a computer virgin eww Loli until not too long ago) – this article and blogging is all I can do so far ha, oh and Facebook etc!!! I’m no whizz kid on surfing the net!


Shop from your boudoir – this is so much easier for us Stargardt’s than going to the shops as you can take your time shopping, and, there’s a description next to each product… You can even search for what item you would like for example Multi coloured dress…. Red trousers etc.

So go to www.asos.com


If you’re on your iPad, Zoom to top left area…

(I have blogged about how to Zoom on your iPad here)

Choose women or men (depending on how u want to dress that day ha!)



Pick whatever you’re searching for so today I wanted a bargain! I went to 70% off.. Which takes us to





So I wanted to buy a nice dress for the weekend so I clicked dresses (all)




So to the left hand side of the screen going downwards



There’s all different options depending on if you want a long dress, a short dress, a party dess, all different coloured dress etc .. So I wanted a multi coloured dress so I clicked onto multi which took me to this




I noticed this yellowish one



You simply zoom into the product, choose your size and the “add to bag if you want to purchase”

… If you want to do more shopping, just go back to the menu bit top left and search for whatever it is your looking for…..

Once you have finished shopping scroll to the top right of the page and you will see



Click on the “bag“and proceed to checkout..
You need to register your details name, address, payment details etc first, this will take a little time and care.  Once that is done, your details are saved forrreevr!!

Just think, by the time you’d got the bus, faffed on in town, waited for another bus to get home etc,  you’d have definitely saved time on the computer!!!! Without a doubt!

Happy shopping peeps..

Hope this helps and has worked in the right order!Xx


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