Party like its your birthday!?

15 Jul

It gets 1.30 am and I want to come home!

I used to stay out until late, but recently I found myself wanting to come home quite soon compared to staying out all hours.  I think because my eyes have gotten to a certain point I feel as if I need to sit down in the club! The lights are extremely bright its very dark.

It’s so dark and this is where I’m at my worse.. I can’t really explain how its made me feel the last two times… Just dazed really…The last two times I have been out with the girls at the discotech I’ve struggled – probably a couple of issues with the vino,busy week and I’ve got a cool boyfriend and pup at home!!

Or maybe I’m just getting old and boring and it’s nothing to do with stargardts!!! – probs!

Anybody else feel like ergh in da club???????

P.s someone I met at the blind group said drink gallons of water as alcohol isn’t the best for us stargardt’ers!!!!

Here’s some piks of the night anyway haha …..

It starts off quite well 😛


And that is how the night ends!!

I do apologise at my makeup, had far too much on!!!


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