Reflection of what I see as a Stargardt’s patient!

3 Aug

Just finishing one of my abstracts, I decided to do a crazy abstract self-portrait of how I see.

Here goes:



So the top bit is some random curly hair, it goes to the purple blob in the middle and you should see some lips at the bottom

I wanted to paint on my glasses etc properly.  I was thinking of what I see when I sit next to people in a car.  Depending on where I sit, most of their face is deleted, I can make out like a distorted lip or eye etc.. I wrote more about how I see faces when close up to the person in this blog post here.

So to put the detail down


I see a silver blob, as I would describe my central vision as colourless …

I then covered the majority of the face over with silver, and then just got the end of the painting and started mushing it all together (go too carried away to take a picture here)


I would say in a way this reflects what I see. Minus the black bits but I wanted to show the audience how confusing it is what we see.

I would say the very outer area. More of the round circular brush strokes and the white bits are very correct as it just kinda looks right.

The middle sections with darker worker area emphasis the very intense blind areas in my vision in the middle.  This isn’t the size of my blind spot as we speak, it is towards the area where most intense confusion is caused (I was just enjoying myself!)

I kinda like how the outer bit appears wobbly as this is very much like what I see.





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