Check up day.

3 Aug

So it was the dreaded check up day yesterday…

I don’t like my check ups as I think that somehow it reminds me of the reality that I’m facing, especially in some of the tests that I’m really bad at i.e. reading ‘The Alphabetical Chart’.  When looking at the chart, I couldn’t see any of the letters in any eye, where as last time I could see some black dots where the letters should be.  It really scared me as I could defo see a real change from my last check up just six months ago.

I wouldn’t mind if they could give me some tablets to make me better, but I just get told things like  “Avoid vitamin A“, and “Wear sunglasses” etc…  I normally just get on with it and have such a positive view, but yesterday was one of those “why me?, I’m only 23 years old” days,  “I shouldn’t be sat here in Tears”.

The lady says I’ve got 6/60 vision, but I then felt slightly insulted when she said I had “good vision” compared to older people with this condition! I thought I’ve got vision, but I’m registered blind and can’t even recognise people etc but she says I have good vision?-  Fummmmin!

Does anyone else get upset on their check up days??

It annoyed me aswell that the hospital isn’t very accomodating for the type of people and patients they should be catering for.  The corridor and walkway in the waiting room was no more than a metre wide, and there were chairs facing each other leaving only a tiny bit of room for people with cains trying to get through.  There was just no room. I thought “Oh My Gosh! this is so-called an eye hospital!” …Grrr.

Then, to top it all off, when it came to booking my appointment for next year, the chap on the desk was like “Ooh fill out this form”, it was in Small Print! I was like “Orr I can’t read this!!!” So I just wrote in pencil ‘too small to read’ haha!

Onwards and Upwards
Anyway that was yesterday day, this is today, so I treated myself to two rashes of bacon and some eggs haha.  I’ve also started training with my friends to do a 12 mile run “hell runner“.  I started training this week, my first run was 5 miles and two days ago I did 10 miles (very slow jog) but I couldn’t even run around a field two weeks ago! It was really fun though you know, I felt like I was skiing on the way back running down hill ha! As free as a bird…

Hope all is well!
Ooh yeah, I sold my first “real life” painting the other day.. I was so happy!  It was of Barbara the Chicken, and how nice is this –  the lady who bought it brought flowers and eggs from the chicken!!  I was well chuffed

Xxxx Lots








3 Responses to “Check up day.”

  1. Sue Kitson August 3, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Kayley you are a star doing the run, love the eggs and flowers, you should paint the seaside then the buyer of the painting may leave you tickets for a holiday x. Glad you treated yourself to a lovely breakfast I had my usual muesli and fruit although I did pick them blueberries from the garden in my pj’s. See you over the week end have a lovely afternoon. x

    • kayleyrose August 3, 2012 at 11:41 am #

      Awww your breakfast sound nice hand picked blue berries ahhh!! M! Hahha that would be good ey!!! Free holiday hahha! xxxx

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Tracey Johnson August 3, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Well don Kay you are a star. I know how hard it was for you yesterday……I hate to see you so upset. You don’t usually let SD bother you that is why on the rare occaision it does your family and friends feel for you xx ffe xx

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