Summer time!

29 Aug

I turned 24 the other day. Tragedy! LOL – I think I’m having a quarter of the life crisis as I got my nose pierced for some reason!

It’s been a busy  time.  Me and my mum took my painting to London ready for the exhibition early September in london! Wahhoooooo!  (I wrote a little about this in a blog here.)

I’ve also been gigging with my Band the Groove Hustlers, done some more painting, and, visited one of my fave places in the Lake District last weekend and we took our dog Yoko dog and she lovvvved it! We climbed loads of hills and had good food and drink!

The ironing is still going strong too!



I have noticed over the last week or so, some very bright white flashes.. Very occasionally..

The weird thing is, on different social networking groups I have seen other peoples descriptions of what they see, and I said a few weeks ago I didn’t get those flashes… but now I do….  It’s almost like a ball of hovering white light.

The Paralympics start later and I’m very excited about this as I’m sure I have seen somewhere there is someone running with Stargardts!!

A few people with Stargardt’s have contacted me through this blog.  It’s been great to hear off others with the same condition so thanks for getting intouch 🙂







One Response to “Summer time!”

  1. Sue Kitson August 29, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    Loved the pictures of the lakes, looked like you had a great time. Did you eat the Shepherds Pie…… x

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