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3 Sep



Today was amazing. My New Bike: Liberation, Freedom, Independence & Mobility!

3 Sep

Today I took my bike out for the first time since getting it for my birthday! …  I did approx 12 miles and I LOVVVVEEEEEDDDD IT!!!

At first it was like being a new born, as I’ve not navigate on the pavements on my own and haven’t done this in a long time… then there were things like crossing the roads,  and being extra careful etc.

I started off at a slow pace until I got my eyes doing what they had to do, mainly  using my peripheral vision and moving my eyes quite a lot under my sun glasses to navigate.

I got off my bike at the roads generally, and stuck to the paths & pavements at first the cars were kind of daunting!

By the end of my ride, I was treating my bike like some kind of bmx… Sometimes I wouldn’t notice a big bump in the road, and the chain came off with the slam (twice), but, I just asked random men to help ha-ha!  If you don’t ask you don’t get (I did try first but nahhh I couldn’t do it, I needed help)

I am a very fast pace person.  I hate waiting for public transport.  I just like to literally get on my bike and get there…. There’s one thing.. I may be blind but I ain’t gonna be a fatty loli!!

I rode to halfords (a bike shop) and bought some lights for the front and the back, just incase at any point I get stranded or something, and a high visiable vest, another lock for my beloved “Ferrari” and two bags for the side of the bike for shopping!!

I love to do thing’s for myself and today I couldn’t stop smiling haha – Liberation!!

I whipped round Asda with my helmet strapped to my backpack and got some fruit n veg etc  Ahh was so good!!!

And other cyclist rode past and said ‘hi’ which was well cute..

I wore my helmet.  One (rude) young man shouts “Nice Helmet” making fun of it.  But I just went “awwww  thanks” and gave him a big fat smile ha…. TBH, I was once a Christmas elf at the local grotto adn I went everywhere in that outfit, so a helmet doesn’t bother me haha… No shame! But by because I can’t see people properly, I can’t then see their reaction so I don’t give a rats ass haha… Sorry, just a bit hyper right now.

Here are some photos of my new bike:

New Luggage Bags Loaded with Fresh Fruit and Veg 🙂




Parked up outside the shop I rode to


Chain had me stranded for a bit, until I asked a man moving his lawn!


I know probably anyone with perfect vision may think, “what’s the big deal? it’s a bike!” but, to me, I’ve now got some independence!

Nippin to the shop and getting my food etc.. it’s almost like I’ve got a motor bike, without the engine, or a car with an extremeley small boot ha-ha! … shame it don’t have a roof or windscreen wipers for when the winter months come in but for now it is grand  🙂

Enjoy what you have today.


Painting of my beautiful old dog Lola!

2 Sep

This is my lovely old dog Lola who I Herat a lot…. I’ve left my mum n dads nest and have my own dog now yoko … But this is wee lola I painted a few weeks ago for my dads birthday present!


False eye lashes that anyone can put on (they did get trimmed after this photo)

1 Sep

I can nevvvvver put eyelashes on…

I always buy them like my friends do before a night out, but then find myself in a tizz as they are so fiddley! They drive me up the wall.

Most of the times I’ll get one of my friends to pop them on for me, or else they just end up in the bin and I sigh haha!

But… I went to Asda and these eyelashes stood out as they said in red font:

“Five Second Lashes”

I am a sucker for anything like that. So I thought “ooooh ok, I’ll give these ago”

Anyway came to attempt putting the lashes on and there was some red string dangling off both ends of the lashes… I thought, “Ooh that’s not very good they’ve forgot to take the red bit off!”

I then got Gaz my BF to read the packaging, and basically you hold both red strings, add glue and line up the cotton onto the eye and hold…. I could do it first time on one eye…

The eyelashes were bit long tbh but I’m sure the do a range etc for mor natural looking ones!

Anyway, hey presto! literally just five-minute lashes so any girl like me with Stargardt’s can have easy eye lashes wallllah!



Truly great :)

1 Sep

It has been truly great hearing off others with stargardts, there are a number of us out there, I’d just like to say thankyou for getting Intouch.. It’s great to hear of how many talented,inspiring brave people there are out there who have high flying jobs.
Respect 🙂

I was thinking I might make a page if anyone wants to leave their email address for others with stargardts to contact them etc and also a page if anyone wants to share their story just so If there are any children or people being diagnosed they have people to look up too who hav different professions aNd think wow if they can do it so can I..

If there’s anyone that wants to share their story and details even if it’s just a paragraph’send me an email! (all lower case)

Had a gig last night at a regular place I sing at every time i go it gets blurrier!

Oh well gigging with the groove husslers later woop and going for a run with one of my favourite gingers later 😀

Autumn is defo in the air wahhhooop!
xxx(keep your sun glasses on through those winter months!- its fine)
Kayley rose head


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