False eye lashes that anyone can put on (they did get trimmed after this photo)

1 Sep

I can nevvvvver put eyelashes on…

I always buy them like my friends do before a night out, but then find myself in a tizz as they are so fiddley! They drive me up the wall.

Most of the times I’ll get one of my friends to pop them on for me, or else they just end up in the bin and I sigh haha!

But… I went to Asda and these eyelashes stood out as they said in red font:

“Five Second Lashes”

I am a sucker for anything like that. So I thought “ooooh ok, I’ll give these ago”

Anyway came to attempt putting the lashes on and there was some red string dangling off both ends of the lashes… I thought, “Ooh that’s not very good they’ve forgot to take the red bit off!”

I then got Gaz my BF to read the packaging, and basically you hold both red strings, add glue and line up the cotton onto the eye and hold…. I could do it first time on one eye…

The eyelashes were bit long tbh but I’m sure the do a range etc for mor natural looking ones!

Anyway, hey presto! literally just five-minute lashes so any girl like me with Stargardt’s can have easy eye lashes wallllah!




2 Responses to “False eye lashes that anyone can put on (they did get trimmed after this photo)”

  1. Kevin Robinson September 26, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

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    • kayleyrose October 27, 2012 at 10:47 am #


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