Truly great :)

1 Sep

It has been truly great hearing off others with stargardts, there are a number of us out there, I’d just like to say thankyou for getting Intouch.. It’s great to hear of how many talented,inspiring brave people there are out there who have high flying jobs.
Respect 🙂

I was thinking I might make a page if anyone wants to leave their email address for others with stargardts to contact them etc and also a page if anyone wants to share their story just so If there are any children or people being diagnosed they have people to look up too who hav different professions aNd think wow if they can do it so can I..

If there’s anyone that wants to share their story and details even if it’s just a paragraph’send me an email! (all lower case)

Had a gig last night at a regular place I sing at every time i go it gets blurrier!

Oh well gigging with the groove husslers later woop and going for a run with one of my favourite gingers later 😀

Autumn is defo in the air wahhhooop!
xxx(keep your sun glasses on through those winter months!- its fine)
Kayley rose head


Run time me


One Response to “Truly great :)”

  1. Tracet johnson September 1, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    Aww xx

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