Today was amazing. My New Bike: Liberation, Freedom, Independence & Mobility!

3 Sep

Today I took my bike out for the first time since getting it for my birthday! …  I did approx 12 miles and I LOVVVVEEEEEDDDD IT!!!

At first it was like being a new born, as I’ve not navigate on the pavements on my own and haven’t done this in a long time… then there were things like crossing the roads,  and being extra careful etc.

I started off at a slow pace until I got my eyes doing what they had to do, mainly  using my peripheral vision and moving my eyes quite a lot under my sun glasses to navigate.

I got off my bike at the roads generally, and stuck to the paths & pavements at first the cars were kind of daunting!

By the end of my ride, I was treating my bike like some kind of bmx… Sometimes I wouldn’t notice a big bump in the road, and the chain came off with the slam (twice), but, I just asked random men to help ha-ha!  If you don’t ask you don’t get (I did try first but nahhh I couldn’t do it, I needed help)

I am a very fast pace person.  I hate waiting for public transport.  I just like to literally get on my bike and get there…. There’s one thing.. I may be blind but I ain’t gonna be a fatty loli!!

I rode to halfords (a bike shop) and bought some lights for the front and the back, just incase at any point I get stranded or something, and a high visiable vest, another lock for my beloved “Ferrari” and two bags for the side of the bike for shopping!!

I love to do thing’s for myself and today I couldn’t stop smiling haha – Liberation!!

I whipped round Asda with my helmet strapped to my backpack and got some fruit n veg etc  Ahh was so good!!!

And other cyclist rode past and said ‘hi’ which was well cute..

I wore my helmet.  One (rude) young man shouts “Nice Helmet” making fun of it.  But I just went “awwww  thanks” and gave him a big fat smile ha…. TBH, I was once a Christmas elf at the local grotto adn I went everywhere in that outfit, so a helmet doesn’t bother me haha… No shame! But by because I can’t see people properly, I can’t then see their reaction so I don’t give a rats ass haha… Sorry, just a bit hyper right now.

Here are some photos of my new bike:

New Luggage Bags Loaded with Fresh Fruit and Veg 🙂




Parked up outside the shop I rode to


Chain had me stranded for a bit, until I asked a man moving his lawn!


I know probably anyone with perfect vision may think, “what’s the big deal? it’s a bike!” but, to me, I’ve now got some independence!

Nippin to the shop and getting my food etc.. it’s almost like I’ve got a motor bike, without the engine, or a car with an extremeley small boot ha-ha! … shame it don’t have a roof or windscreen wipers for when the winter months come in but for now it is grand  🙂

Enjoy what you have today.



2 Responses to “Today was amazing. My New Bike: Liberation, Freedom, Independence & Mobility!”

  1. Tracet johnson September 4, 2012 at 6:09 am #

    That’s great kay, Glad you enjoyed. Be careful xx

  2. kim meeson September 9, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    Freedom eh! well done you, you will be spending a fortune now keep going shopping lol ! You be carefull though wint you. Luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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