The past few months!

6 Nov

ūüôā it’s been a while!

I’m still riding my bike (in the cold) but wrapping up warm and getting some what tangled at times haha! I need some gloves actually as I set off the other day and my fingers felt a gust of wing brrr!
The seasons are changing I love autumn well we are I suppose close to winter now as the trees are looking very bare but the frost on the grass and the leaves off the tree on the floor are beautiful and crunchy (ooo such an author) haha.

I did notice a slight vision change though.. It kinda scares me when I look into my blind spit it does make everything waves strange and odd.

I went running with my friend a few weeks back we got caught in the dark! I heard some leaves shuffling, and out of nowhere I was faced with a man … My friend saved the situation and dragged me over to her side of the path!! I didn’t put two and two together it would be do¬†Ron coming towards us. Was just thinking what’s that noise!!!! It’s funny. Remember last summer I was my dogs Alfie and Lola and had them off the lead and heard clip clip clip clip, and I thought to myself, “what on earth is that?”, before I knew it, a huge horse was upon us¬†and I was like¬†“mind the dogs!”.¬† The person riding the horse must have thought what an idiot!!! But cba¬†telling them my life story?. Maybe just give her the blog details ha ūüėõ nootttttt.

I’ve been singing at weddings, and had a lot of band¬†stuff on… It makes me think when I perform. What a lonely little world we stargardts folk see through! It’s like singing to black hole, it does annoy me though I’m all for being positive but it’s so boring looking at nothing!

We did a cool gig though last week a Halloween/Bonfire party.  We dressed up, it was cool.  I wish we could dress like this every day ha random and colourful!

I’m still working on my paintings.. One of my paintings was selected to go into the¬†Menier¬†Gallery in London in September to celebrate 25 years of the Macular Disease Society… I’ll put some pics up in a min!

My in-built coat is on….my extra six or seven pounds for winter..I ‚̧ filling¬†my belly with anything I can get my hands on Loli… Not that I live in a bin or anything!!

My little dog¬†Yoko is¬†growing fast.. She’s nine months old and is adorable, fun and cute as ever.¬† Yoko and my mum were out walking a month ago and a horrible vicious dog attacked them both… Thank god they’re both ok though, and antibiotics sorted them both out. Pheww

Firework night was just last night, very enjoyable to the ears and the eyes.. Sparkle and screams!

I’ll add some pics n then it’s time to eat maybe a bit of chocolate. A cup of tea!

Hope all is well and happy Xxxxxx
Miss Johnson.

P:S – I didn’t want to smile stood next to the yellow stand below as it peed me off!!!! And I didn’t think smiling was appropriate. The painting of the man isn’t by me…. That’s a lady who’s husband has this problem so she painted her son how she sees him one half and how her husband sees him the other half, a great concept.

20121106-215427.jpg 20121106-215512.jpg





















One Response to “The past few months!”

  1. Sue x November 7, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    Love your latest blog. You touch my heart. x

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