Playing with flowers- “introduction to floristry”

15 Apr

I’ve been researching jobs etc I would find interesting, creative,hands on and something I can do mainly independently..
Hey presto… Floristry!
I enrolled and went along to “introduction to floristry” and it was amazing!
When the tutor was demonstrating I went and sat beside her…l people must have thought teachers pet!!! But I got a better idea of what was going on..

Over 120 mins I cam up with this creation!

The course is for five weeks..after this I hope to get lots of practice and experience and hopefully geT onto an apprentciship and eventually on I go to the work place…fingers crossed!



I(I brought the flowers up to bed as I was excited and didn’t want to leave them downstairs.. Although it looks a little like a creepy shrine with the pink candle eyc!!!

Have a great day, hope everyone is wellXxx


Four days on and lots of homeworks been comp,eye!…what a geek!:)








One Response to “Playing with flowers- “introduction to floristry””

  1. Auntie April 15, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    WhAt. Gorgeous arrangement, you have many talents babes xxxx

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