Amazing friend

29 Mar

My friend Jess is climbing the THREE PEAKS to raise money for the Macular Society.

Please share with family and friends and let’s raise some amazing £££ for a brilliant cause

Three years ago I lost three stone unable to eat with such worry of what the future held for me.
I couldn’t find the words to talk to my family about what was happening to me nor friends as I felt no one understood….. being no cure for my eye Condition I needed to deal with this head on.

Under my smiles I felt broken.

My outlook from being diagnosed with Stargardt’s age 17 was positive ..”i can I will…” “every cloud” etc..

I was in Denile and when I faced up and came to realisation my eye sight was deteriorating and I needed help accepting a d moving forward.
I remember walking my dog and crying down the street I lived In..saddened i was 20 odd wearing Sunglasses on a miserable day…missing the simple things of saying hello to a familiar face..neighbours and just seeing a friendly face…
I woukd recognise people By tbey’re dogs… if people stopped to let the dogs have a hello I’d think o yeah that’s the lady with the white dog etc. .. . It’s crazy really.
I had moved away from my parents home so i only knew a handful of people in the area….
I felt really alone at this time..almost in my own world.
I googled helplines and came across the Macular Society
I dialled the number…At first I couldn’t talk I was so upset..i put the phone down…
The lady rang me back …
We discussed what was hapoening and I had 8 weeks of one hour councillor sessions over the phone.
This honestley transformed my life
The lady set me goals..we talked about all my concerns for the future
She explained it was almost like grieving my old life…..
This really helped me to accept my condition and to work on what I had from that day forward
She told me to see things from the prospective if it was the other way round and smeone told me they were going blind how would react.
Of course I would want to help. ..I wouldn’t judge…I wouldn’t think they were less of a person. ..
I would want to help in any way that was nesesary.

I can’t thank the Macular society for this.
This really helped me turn a massive corner in my life…I am fine with telling people about my visual impared enter now and have much more confidence in using equipment to her by.

I can’t thank Jess enough for raiding awareness of this cause…it means so much to me, it neans so much to you if that makes sense.
I find it crazy and we have talked about this… I’ve known jess 26 years of my nearly 28 years .. I was diagnosed with this Condition 10 years ago.
I can’t imagine being the friend that Jess is to me, if the shoe was on the other foot. It put in a lump in my throat to think of a friends eye sight deteriorating and being so strong for them…
I can’t really distinguish mo ney anymore…she will pick out the coins for me ….
I point blank can’t read a menu at a restraint…I have a magnifyer on my phone but jess will always just say soo what do you fancy….there’s this this n this. .
She will pick me up .. drop me off …listen to me…. have nights in…have nights
out….motivate me… send me links on the I tenet to make my life easier.
She helped me with the studio decorating… she’s advised me…. she’s wiped my tears, made me laugh and laughed at my jokes.
I just want you to know I appreciate this so much and thankyou for making my life so much easier when im in your presence Xxxxx
…if your reading this Thank your for your friendship o
When we were little!

As we grow!
And finally Jess training!!!!!! #dedication




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