New sunnies!

12 Apr

Aw wow my Dad bought me a pair of Oakley Polaroid Sun glasses today.
We’re in Austria Skiing and the first two day’s I was very hesitant on the slopes.
Bless my Dad he’s bought a really bright orange outfit so I can follow him down…. he says he feels a bit conscious as it’s very “out there” but it’s great for me!
I was really struggling with my eyes so we decided to try some new glasses.
They were expensive but I swear to god they make everything so much sharper.
We’ve found an area in Austria thats super quiet for skiing so we always take our time when other skiers are knocking about and then go for it when it’s clear!I love it!!
Have a look at my Instagram kayleyrose88 for a few clips.!
Here’s a few pics of the holiday and my blue Sun glasses!!!
Hahah defo getting in the swing of the

visually impared changes we have to make!
Have a top week people ♡







2 Responses to “New sunnies!”

  1. Tracey Johnson April 13, 2016 at 8:10 pm #

    Well done. #funinthesnow #Austria #adjustments are good

  2. Sara April 17, 2016 at 9:36 pm #

    Hi having just met you in Austria we as a family had no idea that you had sight issues. You come across as a full of fun glass is half full person. We had a great time getting to know you and your family and especially watching the poor waiter struggling to spend time at your table rather than ours 😀. The boys loved the chat up line he used although I desperately hope they never use it when trying to get a lady…keep smiling. Sara

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