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Tired eyes and what I’m getting up o rod

12 Jul

Morning stars!

I’ve just woke up, I’m gunna just relax in bed for five mins and then the day will begin’

Any Stargardt’s people have jobs doing a lot of reading and working the computer????

My eyes feel a bit tired this morning, I think it’s just with all the blogs so far hahah! But I’ll get used to it! (“no pain no gain” in a American kinda voice)

Pretty sunny today in Cinnamon Brow, I’ve got three canvas’ to do this morning as its kind of my day off.  I also have an hour of private singing teaching to do later! and then band practise too ..then my gigs begin from tomorrow..

Friday day-time I’m at singing at Marks and Spencer in Chester city center to raise money for Charity. Friday night I’m singing in a restaurant called Tom 101 in Stockton Heath ..then Saturday back to singing in Chester.

And Saturday night time to get dressed up and have one or two tipples, woooop!! I’ll post my new canvas’ later!!! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Have a great day!



VOTE FOR RYAN: 5th Grader with Stargardt’s up for an Award!

25 Nov


Today I saw a post on Twitter (using my hashtag search for #Stargardt’s as mentioned in a previous blog plost here) and found a piece about a very inspiring you chap called Ryan Basso.

Ryan is registered blind due to his Stargardt’s disease, however this hasn’t stopped him from working hard to build awareness, support charity and raise money for Foundation Fighting Blindness.  He also does work to support Cancer’s and Alzheimer’s too!

For Stargardt’s he has done Vision Walks and sold Lemonade and Cookies to the community – excellent work!

Ryan’s work has been recognised and he has been listed as a finalist for the Zylie’s Awesome Kid’s Award (Z.A.K Award – click here for more information on what the awards are about)

Please vote for Ryan and his great attitude and hard work.  To Vote, click the picture below which takes you to the voting page, the  voting button is in the top right of the page, i have highlighted in a red box in the picture below:

Good Luck Ryan, Keep up the good work and best of luck with your Stargardt’s !!

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