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Competition time :D

7 Apr


Sky arts competition-just entered wooooop!
My mum saw this advert somewhere (on the tvi think) so I applied!
(The requirements were to send a self portrait and something that most describes you!)
So there ya go!
Wish me luck
Hope the sunshines been shining where you are too.Xx






Painted Yoko today!!!

16 Jul

I love abstract art, and often I’ll just go with the flow with my paintings… I love colour and adding extra bits and bobs to make the painting as bright and random as possible.

I sat down today to paint and my dog Yoko was asleep… I just had the urge to paint her. I took a picture on my iPad and for each section I then zoomed in on the picture so much so I could see fine detail..

I really enjoyed concentrating and focusing on this and actually trying to copy Yoko my dog!

Here some pics (you can click on any of them to enlarge them and see a bigger version) and how I did it.. I can’t thank my iPad enough!!

Soo… This is the photo of Yoko I had on my iPad


I used my iPad zoomed in the photos of Yoko to see the fine detail 😀




Yoko even helped out and lay next to me as I painted her!










I have also posted an Album with more photos and pictures of me painting Yoko on my Facebook Artist Page:

  • Kayley Rose Page – here
  • Yoko Watercolour Album – here

VOTE FOR RYAN: 5th Grader with Stargardt’s up for an Award!

25 Nov


Today I saw a post on Twitter (using my hashtag search for #Stargardt’s as mentioned in a previous blog plost here) and found a piece about a very inspiring you chap called Ryan Basso.

Ryan is registered blind due to his Stargardt’s disease, however this hasn’t stopped him from working hard to build awareness, support charity and raise money for Foundation Fighting Blindness.  He also does work to support Cancer’s and Alzheimer’s too!

For Stargardt’s he has done Vision Walks and sold Lemonade and Cookies to the community – excellent work!

Ryan’s work has been recognised and he has been listed as a finalist for the Zylie’s Awesome Kid’s Award (Z.A.K Award – click here for more information on what the awards are about)

Please vote for Ryan and his great attitude and hard work.  To Vote, click the picture below which takes you to the voting page, the  voting button is in the top right of the page, i have highlighted in a red box in the picture below:

Good Luck Ryan, Keep up the good work and best of luck with your Stargardt’s !!

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