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Follow the Stargardt’s blog and Kayley Rose Artist via email and Facebook

12 Jul

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog, the supportive comments and those of you who have returned to read Kayley’s latest posts as she uploads them! ūüôā

For those of you interested in being kept up-to-date and alerted of the latest posts as they happen, there’s a really easy way to do so!¬† This blog can notify you by email and gives you the link straight to the latest piece!¬† “Simples!”

The email subscribe feature can be found in the right-hand navigation bar, just below the main site banner at the top of the page.¬† I have highlighted it in the photo below, it’s inside the green box with the arrows pointing to it.¬† Simply insert your email address the click ‘follow’

Also, if you’re on¬†Facebook, Kayley has a fanpage for showcasing all of her¬†artwork.¬† There are loads of photos on there¬†and it’s¬†defo worth a ‘Like’ if you¬†want to keep up with the latest and greatest Kay-Rose art work ūüôā

The Facebook ‘Like’ button is also in the right-hand side navigation bar, just below the Follow by Email feature.¬† I have used a green box and arrows again to highlight where it is for you in the picture below:

Hope this helps make keeping up to date easy for you all.¬† If you have any questions or need any help, just leave a comment at the end of this post and I will reply & help ūüôā




Stargardt’s Disease and iPads – ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

10 Jul



I was lucky enough to recieve one of these from santa last year..and my god its changed my life!!

I’ve tried zoom text before but It didn’t suit me and completely slowed down my laptop but the iPad is brill. If you can save up a little and get one you can access everything

Hold it close to your face in comfort not hurting your back and neck at a computer desk etc..Even use the camera as a zoom to read things etc. The iPad is literally the key to my life with my disability and accessing websites,emails, pictures etc… It has brought back normality to technology for me.

Go to settings (the pic of the dog yoko, bottom right the black square). Then the options are endless… The zoom is fantastic… So good. I am managing without the voice at the moment and learned a few quick tips I will list below…

Tips for zoom on the iPad.

  • To zoom tap with three fingers twice to make the zoom bigger or smaller
  • Do the above but on the second tap don’t take your fingers of the iPad.. Slide them all up the iPad for more zoom or¬†down for less zoom. It doesn’t take long to get used to

My back and neck used to hurt so much leaning into the computer… And barely being able to see it… Its portable, zoom on the pictures and texts, email…

I can’t use my phone anymore as the fonts too small so I use face time to call my friends on the iPad and a app called “Touch” which is Instant messaging (it can be a little slow to notify the message but if you click on the conversation it will push the notification up eventually)


It’s fine to zoom… Sod it if you can’t see it you can’t see it!!! Go for it and zoom don’t worrys about what people may think! Once the initial ” why’s that so big” it’s fine,, it’s just you.. This is how my Facebook looks! It takes a little longer than a well sighted human but honestly really easy once you know how to do it!!!


Using Google Alerts to keep up-to-date with Stargardt’s Disease information

16 Nov


In addition to my blog about Stargardt’s Groups and Pages on Facebook, I would like to share another easy and useful way of keeping up to date with all of the Stargardts related content on the internet as it is posted; either on Blogs, Websites, News, Press Releases, Videos etc.¬† The answer? – Google Alerts.

Google Alerts are updates that are sent automatically by Google to your Email Inbox.¬† They’re really easy to use, simply enter the topic you wish to monitor (in this case Stargardt’s Disease), and Google will do all the searching for you and email you when it find something new!

How To Find It

To access it – visit the Google Alerts website at

How To Set Up Your Alerts

On the Google Alerts website you are presented with a few options on what you want to search for:

In the search box, next to the Google Alerts logo, enter you search criteria.  You may wish to set up Multiple Google Alerts to take advantage of the different terms people use in their content, and so Google will send you alerts on everything.  Here are a few suggestions on what to set up (you will have to set up each Alert individually)

  • Stargardts Disease
  • Macular Degeneration

Now to set what you search for and how often you get Alerted.

  • TYPE: – I suggest leaving it to the default option of ‘Everything’ – this means Google will send your Alerts for any Stargardts related information, if you only want a specific media type then chose what you want.
  • HOW OFTEN: – Basically, how often do you want to receive¬†emails? in real-time ‘As it happen’s’ or you can get a summary email either once a day or once a week.¬†
  • VOLUME:- Do you want what Google considers to be good content, or ALL¬†content? – I suggest ‘All’
  • YOUR EMAIL: – Simply enter your email address to receive the emails

You will then be taken to a new page where it confirms you have created a new¬†Alert, and you will also¬†receive¬†an email from Google Alerts asking you to verify that the email address provided does actually want to receive Google Alert emails, in that email Google sent you, click on the ‘Verify this Google Alert’ link and you are up and running! this can be seen in the picture below where the red box highlights the ‘Verify’ link:

Finding Your Google Alert Emails

To find your Google Alert emails fast and easy, it may be worth setting up a sub-folder within your email Inbox (probably best calling it: GOOGLE ALERTS), and set up a rule to automatically re-direct all Google emails into this new sub-folder.  As we know the email address Google emails you from, you can set up a rule by specifying that any email from go straight into your new sub-folder

I hope this helps you keep up to date with all Stragardt’s related information from all over the Internet…¬† let me know what you think! and if you are struggling setting up your Google Alerts, let me know via the comments section below and I am happy to help!



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