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Competition time :D

7 Apr


Sky arts competition-just entered wooooop!
My mum saw this advert somewhere (on the tvi think) so I applied!
(The requirements were to send a self portrait and something that most describes you!)
So there ya go!
Wish me luck
Hope the sunshines been shining where you are too.Xx






Stargardt’s Disease and iPads – ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

10 Jul



I was lucky enough to recieve one of these from santa last year..and my god its changed my life!!

I’ve tried zoom text before but It didn’t suit me and completely slowed down my laptop but the iPad is brill. If you can save up a little and get one you can access everything

Hold it close to your face in comfort not hurting your back and neck at a computer desk etc..Even use the camera as a zoom to read things etc. The iPad is literally the key to my life with my disability and accessing websites,emails, pictures etc… It has brought back normality to technology for me.

Go to settings (the pic of the dog yoko, bottom right the black square). Then the options are endless… The zoom is fantastic… So good. I am managing without the voice at the moment and learned a few quick tips I will list below…

Tips for zoom on the iPad.

  • To zoom tap with three fingers twice to make the zoom bigger or smaller
  • Do the above but on the second tap don’t take your fingers of the iPad.. Slide them all up the iPad for more zoom or down for less zoom. It doesn’t take long to get used to

My back and neck used to hurt so much leaning into the computer… And barely being able to see it… Its portable, zoom on the pictures and texts, email…

I can’t use my phone anymore as the fonts too small so I use face time to call my friends on the iPad and a app called “Touch” which is Instant messaging (it can be a little slow to notify the message but if you click on the conversation it will push the notification up eventually)


It’s fine to zoom… Sod it if you can’t see it you can’t see it!!! Go for it and zoom don’t worrys about what people may think! Once the initial ” why’s that so big” it’s fine,, it’s just you.. This is how my Facebook looks! It takes a little longer than a well sighted human but honestly really easy once you know how to do it!!!


VOTE FOR RYAN: 5th Grader with Stargardt’s up for an Award!

25 Nov


Today I saw a post on Twitter (using my hashtag search for #Stargardt’s as mentioned in a previous blog plost here) and found a piece about a very inspiring you chap called Ryan Basso.

Ryan is registered blind due to his Stargardt’s disease, however this hasn’t stopped him from working hard to build awareness, support charity and raise money for Foundation Fighting Blindness.  He also does work to support Cancer’s and Alzheimer’s too!

For Stargardt’s he has done Vision Walks and sold Lemonade and Cookies to the community – excellent work!

Ryan’s work has been recognised and he has been listed as a finalist for the Zylie’s Awesome Kid’s Award (Z.A.K Award – click here for more information on what the awards are about)

Please vote for Ryan and his great attitude and hard work.  To Vote, click the picture below which takes you to the voting page, the  voting button is in the top right of the page, i have highlighted in a red box in the picture below:

Good Luck Ryan, Keep up the good work and best of luck with your Stargardt’s !!

How to use Twitter to find information on Stargardt’s Disease

23 Nov


I have previously blogged about how to use Facebook and Google Alerts for finding Stargardt’s Disease information, today I would like to share with you how to use Twitter to also keep up to date on new information and to connect with others with interest in Stargardt’s.

 For those of you who are unaware; Twitter is an online social networking tool that allows users to post quick updates to the internet (known as Tweets) which can then be read by anyone who either follows your Twitter Account, or is searching for any particular words you include in your Tweet, e.g. ‘Stargardts’.  There are almost half a billion Twitter users around the world, and on average there are 300 million Tweets per day – Twitter is often referred to as the Text Message/SMS of the Internet.

Setting up a Twitter Account and Logging In.

The first thing you will need to do if you do not already have a Twitter account will be to visit and join up:

Once you have signed up, then login 🙂

Searching for Stargardt’s information

The best way to search for info in Twitter is to use what is called a ‘Hash Tag’.  Essentially, a Hash Tag is a quick way of highlighting keywords in your Tweets as you post them, so that others can search for key words and your Hash Tag will be picked up and displayed to the searcher.  A Hash Tag is created by putting the ‘#’ symbol before any key word, for example:

  • The Hash Tag for ‘Stargardt’ would be ‘#Stargardt’

So by searching for ‘#Stargardt’ in the search bar will bring up all the relevent Tweets that contain the word Stargardt, please see below example:

In the above you can see that I have searched for ‘#Stargardt’ and it has provided some results of Tweets containing that Hash Tag.  You will also see there is an option to ‘Save This Search’ too.

How to Reply to people on Twitter

Once you have searched and you have found a Tweet you want to reply too, hover over the Tweet and it will provide you with the option to ‘Reply’, as per below:

How to connect to the new websites and information being shared in Tweets

You will also see in the picture above that I have typed a link in my Tweet, this would take you to this Stargardt’s Blog, however other people may be posting links to their blogs or to reports about Stargardts or videos about it on YouTube, so be careful to read the Tweet and if you like what you read, then click the link to learn more 🙂

How to Share what you have found

If you have found a Tweet containing information you would like to share, you can Re-Tweet the post, which will then republish it from your account and also name the person your Re-tweeted it from.  In the same light, someone can also Re-Tweet anything you post and you will be name checked in their Tweet.  You can Re-Tweet and share by hovering over the Tweet and selecting the ‘Retweet’ button like you can see in the picture below:

Who to Follow on Twitter.

You will notice that Twitter also suggests people to follow who talk about Stargardt’s, although be carefull who you follow – Twitter doesn’t get it right every time.  By following someone, you will see all of their Tweets on your Twitter homepage, regardless of whether is mentions #Stargardt or not.

I can be followed by my user name @GarethKitson –  Click on my name there and it will take you to my profile, you can follow my tweets and also talk to me on Twitter too.

Next Steps.

Get on Twitter.  Sign up and get searching for Hash Tags and get Tweeting and Re-Tweeting Stargardt’s information… Perhaps one of your first Tweets could be mentioning this blog (by copying the URL Web-Address and putting it in your Tweet) and telling people that it is about #Stargardt’s 😉

And, feel free to follow and/or mention me – @GarethKitson – and I will follow you back 🙂

I hope this has helped, and please also share this Blog on your Facebook pages too, as it will help more people learn about it and Twitter too.

I will write another blog soon about how to use other tools to search for Stargardt’s info.

Please let me know what you think in the Comments section below the blog 🙂



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