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Competition time :D

7 Apr


Sky arts competition-just entered wooooop!
My mum saw this advert somewhere (on the tvi think) so I applied!
(The requirements were to send a self portrait and something that most describes you!)
So there ya go!
Wish me luck
Hope the sunshines been shining where you are too.Xx






Stargardt’s disease featured on MTV True Life

15 Nov

As part of the MTV True Life series (a show typically only broadcast in the USA), MTV follow young people in a bid to show the public about how a particular illness, disability or addiction can affect the individual and also those close friends and familiy around them.  In some cases it also covers how these challenges can be overcome through hard work, focus and support from close family and friends.  One of the most recent episodes, titled ‘MTV True Life – I’m Losing My Sight’ followed 3 teenagers who are overcoming the challenge of losing their sight, one of which has Stargardt’s disease:

Austin is a High School Senior, he underwent a dental operation which went wrong and put him into a coma, upon recovering from the comma he awoke to find that he was now blind.

Blanca is in denial about trying to accept her recently diagnosed Stargardt’s disease, her family are there to support her, although she is still concerned about how aggressive her sight loss may be, especially as she is also pregnant.

Jeremy has a genetic disorder which will ultimately lead to blindness, while this scares him, he is more concerned as to whether his younger brother and sister will follow the same path.

The video is hosted on, although unfortunately I have been unable to watch it as this video is unfortunately only available to US residents and blocked to all outside countries due to copyright. I have checked the UK site and can not find either True Life as a whole or the episode online.  If you are in the US, you can watch the video by clicking here

For those outside of the US, you can however watch the episode preview/trailer below.

I am keen to hear your thoughts and comments from those who have been able to watch the video, and if someone finds it on another site outside of the US, please let us know in the comments section below.

Many thanks

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