I love skiing!!!!

13 Nov

Skiing makes me feel free as a bird, in control of my speed and I can travel to wherever i want ( within reason!!)…

From being a kid my dad shared his passion with the rest of the Johnson’s and created a couple of speed demons on the slopes!!!

I started skiing when I was about 8 and we have been lucky enough as a family to travel “all over the shop” (Father quote) and spend loads of brill holidays together.. our little ‘Brian the Snail’ (Mum) comes too and tries her best, and deep down, she likes it 😛 haha.

In the last couple of years my Dad became a qualified ski instructor and has traveled to Italy teaching British school kids!  A life time ambition complete! Nice one daddd Xxx

We’re going to Austria again soon! It’s Gaz’s 4th ski holiday n he’s really good too!


Here’s a couple of videos of us skiing.  Hope you like..

(I am wearing lime green pants with a purple coat)

Here is a video of Gaz of his second time skiing.  He is wearing red trousers and a yellowy green coat.

I’m considering wearing bells on the slope this year  to make people move out-of-the-way!!  Like my own beeper on a car haha..

I always wait for a clear slope so no one will get hurt!! And follow or get directions off family members on which direction to head.  We usually ski the mountain in sections so it’s easy for my eyes!

I think because I could ski before Stargardts it’s made it easy as I literally just take the rough with the smooth on the slopes and seem to be able to absorb any bumps in the terrain..

….always wear a helmet!!


It’s good to talk !

29 Oct

Hey there!
Sorry I’ve been distant recently!

(I had forgotten my password and couldn’t get into wordpress!)

I’ll write a blog updating you on what’s been going on in my little life… I am due to be a Mrs.. Me and my partner got engaged on August 4th! :D.
Exciting times-I better egg my apron on .haha…

But for now.

It is amazing who you can meet over the internet..

One of the reasons I made this blog was to hopefully have contact with people of a similair age to myself with a similair problem to share experiences and get inspiration from others in this situation.

And guess what…. I recieved an email off a girl named Becca!

Becca emailed me a few months ago.. and she has been a breathe of fresh air…
It has been a great comfort sharing experiences and as it turns out we have the opposite problem…
Where I have no centeral vision, Becca has no perifferal vision…
So together we would have perfect eyesight haha….

It turns out we started with visual problems at a similair age and have had similair experiences with vision loss and the way we are dealing with things are similair too…. Which is uncanny!
(Sorry for using the word similair a lot there!-couldn’t think of another word!)

It’s been great to meet Becca..someone who fully understands the problems we face day to day which to the morn may seem like nothing!

Beccas is 24 and studying her Masters degree in early childhood at Chester uni..Becca has a rare inherited condition Retinitus Pigmentosa…

read Beccas blog and share with others:

We wNt to start a group for people our age as we can’t seem to find much out there’ll.
So if you’re in a similair situation email us we would love to chat!
This sounds like a dating advert or something but it’s been really helpful talking to one another so feel free.

Kay 🙂

Fours days since I started my floristry course!

20 Apr

😀 working hard since Monday..applied for a few part time positions in florists…














There we go!Xx

Playing with flowers- “introduction to floristry”

15 Apr

I’ve been researching jobs etc I would find interesting, creative,hands on and something I can do mainly independently..
Hey presto… Floristry!
I enrolled and went along to “introduction to floristry” and it was amazing!
When the tutor was demonstrating I went and sat beside her…l people must have thought teachers pet!!! But I got a better idea of what was going on..

Over 120 mins I cam up with this creation!

The course is for five weeks..after this I hope to get lots of practice and experience and hopefully geT onto an apprentciship and eventually on I go to the work place…fingers crossed!



I(I brought the flowers up to bed as I was excited and didn’t want to leave them downstairs.. Although it looks a little like a creepy shrine with the pink candle eyc!!!

Have a great day, hope everyone is wellXxx


Four days on and lots of homeworks been comp,eye!…what a geek!:)







helpful website!

8 Apr



Make a tea and read away! Helpful stuff on here.
Enjoy 🙂

Competition time :D

7 Apr


Sky arts competition-just entered wooooop!
My mum saw this advert somewhere (on the tvi think) so I applied!
(The requirements were to send a self portrait and something that most describes you!)
So there ya go!
Wish me luck
Hope the sunshines been shining where you are too.Xx





aw wow! thankyou

26 Mar

Im not sure if this will work as im not so computer savvy but lets see!!


Kind words https://twitter.com/eSsCeeJulies hope you are doing well xxx

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