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Give Yoga a go!!!

3 Jun


Over the last few years my eye have deteriorated progressively. I’ve struggled to find a sporting activity other than skiing that i can take part in that doesn’t leave me burning with embarrassment as the teacher tries to correct me until i have to announce to the class i have a visual impairment etc.

Yoga is for all abilities, it is generally practiced in a dark, lightly scented studio and is literally audio described by the teacher all thr way through the session.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines.

You are told to close your eyes during the practice. So everyone in the class is on the same page!(YESS)

It is a wonderful way to tone, stretch, and relax your body and mind.

There are many poses during the class we perform.

The more you go to yoga the more flexible you become and the more challenging and advanced the yoga becomes.

It is a fantastic discipline to have. It enables focus, great agility, balance, determination and flexibility which can all be taken outside of the yoga class into real life

Yoga has become a big part of my life and i have found it is very relaxing especially learning to meditate.

Meditation is a practice i have learned at yoga.

Relaxing music is played and you are told to forget about all the stress, the struggle:there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.

You try and think of nothing and just let your mind and body be.

Meditation is for me time to just be..relax and release stress

Meditation increases peace and wellbeing and honestly leaves you feeling like you’ve had the most lovely spa day and massage.

I often feel like I’m floating when i leave the class and just feel so good from the core.

I have a playlist on spottify i often put on which somehow sends me to sleep straight away… it’s like i have been classically conditioned to sleep at the sounds of this music.


Yoga is amazing for the mind, body and soul and is so inclusive for all abilities… give it a go!

(This photo is my bro trying to copy hahah….. i wouldn’t advise trying on a picnic bench 😁.. have a great day and thanks for reading!)

Namaste 🌻🌷🦋


New sunnies!

12 Apr

Aw wow my Dad bought me a pair of Oakley Polaroid Sun glasses today.
We’re in Austria Skiing and the first two day’s I was very hesitant on the slopes.
Bless my Dad he’s bought a really bright orange outfit so I can follow him down…. he says he feels a bit conscious as it’s very “out there” but it’s great for me!
I was really struggling with my eyes so we decided to try some new glasses.
They were expensive but I swear to god they make everything so much sharper.
We’ve found an area in Austria thats super quiet for skiing so we always take our time when other skiers are knocking about and then go for it when it’s clear!I love it!!
Have a look at my Instagram kayleyrose88 for a few clips.!
Here’s a few pics of the holiday and my blue Sun glasses!!!
Hahah defo getting in the swing of the

visually impared changes we have to make!
Have a top week people ♡






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